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Win the Pain Game

BioMagnetic Sport products are non invasive and do not involve needles, drugs or surgery. The embedded bipolar therapeutic magnets with 1000+ gauss allow the body to follow its natural healing process, which most would agree is the ideal way of recovery. It may aid the human body by assisting with the maintenance of peripheral circulation increasing oxygen to the affected area. Studies have shown that magnetic energy passes through all material and affects all living things, hence its ability to affect pain.1

Magnetic therapy is one of the safest natural forces in the world and has shown its effectiveness in the treatment of a diverse range of conditions.2

According to Dr. Louis Donnet in ‘The Invisible Force’,  “Besides being easy, efficient and inexpensive, magnetic therapy offers a total guarantee of safety.” Certainly, some medical researchers have shown its effectiveness in the treatment of a diverse range of conditions.3

An Anecdotal Client survey conducted by BioMagnetic Therapy, as well as thousands of letters and calls we’ve received from clients delighted with the relief they’ve experienced, support the effectiveness of BioMagnetic Sport technology.4

BioSport & Arthritis

According to leading researcher Access Economics, current trends suggest that by 2050, 7 million Australians will suffer from some form of arthritis.5

Many people believe that arthritis is a symptom of aging but it is not actually a natural part of aging. In fact 2.4 million of all people suffering from the disease are of working age, that’s 2.4 million people that have to get up every morning for work, but that’s where BioSport comes in.

BioMagnetic Sport products are designed for people of all ages with arthritis and other health conditions and ailments, however due to the products premium quality neoprene and other fabrics they are flexible enough to wear in most environments and at any age, not to mention the strategically placed magnets that may aid in temporary relief. 

Pain is often caused by inflammation. Inflammation happens when, as a result of injury or trauma, capillaries become blocked with toxins and waste products, therefore aggravating nerve endings. Some research suggests that magnetic therapy can work at a deep cellular level, which may assist the body with peripheral circulation and lymphatic drainage. 

This in turn, may help repair damaged tissue and dilate inflamed capillaries – which can remove tension from the nerve endings, lessening aggravation and helping facilitate temporary pain relief from arthritis. 

Sports Medicine

The flexible yet firm design of BioMagnetic Sport products allows them to be worn at any time and in most situations. 

So whether intense sporting activities have caused ligament or muscular damage, you suffer from a bacd back or an ailment like arthritis, or you’re simply looking for temporary relief of a painful area, a BioMagnetic joint support may help compress and support the painful area. This allows the embedded therapeutic magnets to help target the pain. 

They’re comfortable enough to be worn under clothing and stylish enough to be seen. Whilst often less expensive than other brands. Including those without therapeutic magnets! 

Target you pain today!



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