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  • Magnetic Bracelet (Therapy Band)
    Magnetic Bracelet (Therapy Band) - BioMagnetic Sport
    Magnetic Bracelet (Therapy Band) - BioMagnetic Sport
    Magnetic Bracelet (Therapy Band) - BioMagnetic Sport
    Magnetic Bracelet (Therapy Band) - BioMagnetic Sport

    Magnetic Bracelet (Therapy Band)

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    Like all BioMagnetic supports, the 6 therapeutic magnets within the Magnetic Bracelet (Therapy Band) are carefully positioned for maximum relief potential. The neoprene the magnets are sewn into but hugs the injured area and provides maximum support.

    The Magnetic Bracelet could be an excellent solution to your sore wrist or arthritis pain. The bracelet's powerful therapeutic magnets potentially increase blood flow to the affected area assisting in your body's natural healing process. A painful area usually lacks blood circulation and oxygen. The powerful therapeutic magnet increases circulation bringing more oxygen to the painful area. The magnetic bracelet's magnets are specifically placed utilising reflexology points in your wrist for maximum efficacy.

    But, of course, one of our most favourite qualities of the magnetic bracelet is how awesome it looks on your wrist. Stylish, yet functional, this is one of our best BioMagnetic Sports products.

    Magnetic Therapy Band Available Colours:

    Small/Medium - Purple, Black and White

    Large - Black, White and Red


    Small/Medium (50mm in Diameter, average women's wrist)

    Large (63mm in Diameter, average Men's wrist)

    Please Note: BioMagnetic Sports products are not a substitute for medical care. Consult your doctor if symptoms persist. Pregnant women and individuals with pacemakers or insulin pumps should obtain advice from their doctor before using. It is recommended not to wear this product with a wrist watch as the magnets may interfere with the battery. The average sizing of the magnetic therapy band for male and female wrists is an estimate only and is not suggesting everyone will fit these sizes. Please see our 28-Day-Money-Back-Policy should you be unhappy with your purchase.

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